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2015 has been a very difficult and challenging year for Flood insurance policyholders. FEMA has remapped specific areas throughout Florida. As a result, your home may now be in a high risk flood zone based on the new FEMA flood maps. Most mortgage companies require a borrower to carry flood insurance if they are in a high-risk flood zone.

In addition several new surcharges “NFIAA” have been implemented by FEMA  These surcharges are applicable to the occupancy type and location of your property. Surcharges can run from $25 or higher.

Contrary to popular belief, unlike all other insurance products offered in Florida, flood insurance is a national program and regardless of which carrier providing coverage, the rates are the same and the program coverage is identical. If not quoted property the rates may differ.


National Flood Insurance Program Policy Type

Standard Flood Insurance Policies: If you live in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), your building and its contents can be covered. You must apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately.

Preferred Risk Policies: If your home or business is in a low or moderate risk zone, your building may qualify for a low-cost Preferred Risk Policy.

*Their are several Lloyd’s private market flood products that have rates may that differ from the FEMA program

When buying flood insurance for your mobile home/Condo the same basic coverage option apply. Please remember a licensed insurance agent is just a phone call away at All American Insurance Consultants 754-263-2160 FAQ’s

Please note description of coverage is not property of All American Insurance Consultants. This is a universal description set forth by the State of Florida. More details can be found at Flood tool kit issue of 2015

Why choose us for Your Flood Insurance?

Customer Service – Our agency will process your flood Insurance in a timely manner.  We are available seven days a week via phone, e-mail and fax.  Agency staff will guide you in purchasing flood insurance that fits your needs.

Family owned and operated  Our agency understands that customers are important.  We wouldn’t have a job if we didn’t have you.

Multiple Carriers – All American Insurance can provide insurance from many different flood insurance carriers. We will quote with all of them to find you the best rate for your particular situation.

Statewide coverage – All American Insurance can provide flood insurance for every city in Florida including Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Miami, Tallahassee and Palm Beach.

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